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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Got to admit it's getting better

   I just realized it's been some time since I've updated here!  Part of this is because nothing too exciting has been going on, and another part is because training (and work and life) have been keeping me occupied lately.  I haven't had too much interesting stuff to write about-my life lately has consisted of the 5am alarm for the pool, followed by more training and work (sometimes in reverse order, depending on the day), sometimes with a dog hike or ski in the woods in there.  I generally up with laying on the couch in a semi-conscious state in the Normatecs before the 9:30-10pm bedtime.  Not too exciting, but I love my little life the way it is, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  Well, except with a few differences, which I'll discuss below.  So, although nothing too big has happened lately, several things have changed or are about to change, so I'll get into a few quick updates!

1. I've got a new sweet ride for 2013
Component-less, but still pretty.  Penfield colors, too!
There she is-I'll be racing on a Quintana Roo CDO.1 this season, and I can't wait to test her out!  QR is our new QT2 team bike sponsor, so I'm thrilled to be on one of their speedy rides.  Although I haven't been able to take it outside yet, this bike just fits me like a glove.  I'm able to get into a much better position on this bike, and we're comfortable together.  My bike numbers have (finally) started to sneak up every so slightly these past couple of weeks, too, which is encouraging to see, as I'd felt like I'd been stuck for quite some time.
In action on the trainer-my back is actually flat!  Ignore our disgusting basement...
2. I might just be...figuring out swimming?
Somewhere in the course of bumping up the swim frequency and volume, I've sort of begun to find myself in the water.  This doesn't mean that I'm suddenly going to be front pack on the swim-still far, far from it.  But not far, far, far from it.  I still can't say I have any love for swimming, I'm just tolerating it a bit better.  My bad days now are still better than my good days six months ago, and I have reason to believe that, provided I can avoid my old race habit of swimming all over God's creation (not trailing off the back by several minutes could help with that), I should be getting out of the water at least a couple of minutes faster than I was last year.  I've managed to maintain my swim gains even as I've begun running more (and better) and improved the body comp a bit (something that's plagued me with previous swim jumps), so overall, I'm cautiously encouraged...but I also don't plan on letting up in the pool any time soon!

3. Camp-next week!
On Thursday evening, I'll be flying down to QT2 pro camp in Clermont, FL for 10 days.  Many of my teammates are already there, working away.  I'll admit that the knowledge that I'm about to be training with so many talented, dedicated, tough women has been spurring me on throughout these last couple of blocks of training-I know I needed to put in the time in order to keep up!  Although the thought of the training volume (and company) is a bit daunting, I'm looking forward to the challenge, and also to the opportunity to focus solely on my training and recovery, in an environment devoid of other distractions.

4. And the "big" announcement-I'm going a little more in.
After talks with both Dave and my (wonderfully understanding) bosses, we've decided that I'll be dropping down my work hours when I return from Florida.  I'm going to be working 25 hours/week, all afternoons/evenings, which should just help me stay more...balanced.  My schedule has been manageable up to this point, but I've just been lacking on some of the details-the recovery, the strength work, the nutrition, and did I mention the recovery?  I'll be using the extra time to train a little bit more, but mostly to be better about those details.  This past year has pushed me just to the edge a number of times, although I've kept it together enough to not go over.  Still, while it's been doable, it just hasn't been ideal, so I'm so, so incredibly grateful and excited to be able to have a bit more breathing room.  Maybe I'll even clean the house more.  And I have grandiose plans (because Dave will still likely get home first) of figuring out how to use the crock pot, so he doesn't have to cook every night (aka, I could play wife).  So if anyone knows of any good, healthy (huge goal for 2013: improve nutritional habits) crock pot recipes (or stuff that can be prepped earlier and cooked easily later), let me know (note:I'm not a beef fan)!  Dave would like you, too.
I felt as if this giant laundry basket full of mismatched socks was an appropriate microcosm of stuff I haven't gotten around to doing in the past year
5. The race schedule
I don't think I've posted it yet, so, assuming all goes according to plan, here's what's in the cards for 2013:
3/17 San Juan 70.3 (that is SOON)
4/7 Texas 70.3 (Dave's 30th birthday-make sure to call him old if you're there!)
5/18 IM Texas (of all the states that I never thought I'd be going to twice in two months)
6/23 Syracuse 70.3 (my almost home town race, yay)
7/28 IM Lake Placid (the return...)
After Placid, it'll depend on how the cards play out-hopefully I'll get into Vegas, but if not, we'll figure things out from there.  The goals for this year are to continue to gain experience racing professionally, try to place well at my races, and keep an eye on 2014.

That's about it for now!  I'm looking forward to what lies ahead of me right now, and I'll continue to work towards my goals.  Race season starts soon (yikes).  Until then, happy training to all!
My blog posts are rarely complete without a picture of our dogs.  Here they are, probably spending more time in our bed than we get to spend in it.  Brats.