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Friday, March 2, 2012

Random people that brighten the day

  Because I have nothing better to do on a Friday night but blog (note: by "better to do", I mean "something else that involves sitting on the couch", so anything that involves "standing" or "thinking", such as "cleaning the house" or "finishing paperwork" does not fall into this category), I figured I'd try a positive approach to life, and give credit to some of the people that can make my day (or workout) better just by being themselves, without even trying.  I started thinking about this a couple of days ago, when I saw a piece on the Today show about a cheery mailman who was smiley and nice to everyone, despite the fact that he had been imprisoned during the civil rights movement years ago.  But I digress.  So, in no particular order, here's a few random, unexpected people that have the power to add a little light to sometimes dull days.

1. The crossing guard(s) at the corner of List and Hoover
I know I've mentioned the crossing guard before on Facebook.  Lately, a different one has been manning this corner, but all of this will apply to either one.  These crossing guards are great.  Despite the fact that I'm a 27 year old runner, they'll both hustle out into the intersection, holding up their stop signs, so I can cross without stopping.  That's not the best part, though.  No matter what the weather is like, these women (who I'd guess are crossing guard-ing as something to do in retirement) clearly just genuinely love what they're doing.  They'll give me the hugest smiles ever, tell me to have a good run, day, weekend, etc, and make a few seconds of small talk as I run past.  Because I was feeling a little down on running lately, I made it a point to go past this corner on my run today; I knew at least I'd get a little pick-me-up there.  Plus, when I'm running with the Bailey, they'll pull out treats for her.  She likes them, too.

2. The friendly cashier at the Webster PetSmart
It seems like every time I've gone into this store, I've ended up in the line of the friendliest cashier ever.  Generally, I enjoy any cashier who doesn't act like you're bothering him or her with your business; this woman just seems to love ringing out my dog food and guinea pig food, and chatting about pets.  She's also given our dogs treats before (seeing a theme here?)  Sometimes, it's just nice to get a smile along with 35 lbs of Purina.

3. Any cheerful elderly man
This is sort of a general category, but cute old men are the best.  I can think of several current/former patients who fit the bill.  Today's example was the older man out for a walk that I ran past on the Lakeside trail.  When he saw me coming, he stopped, leaned forward while pretending to look at an invisible stopwatch, and just said "wow! Four minute mile!" as I ran past.  It made me laugh a little, and was a welcome little diversion to the run.

4. Lane sacrificers at the pool
As time has gone by, Dave and I have started to recognize the morning pool regulars, and they've apparently started to recognize us.  They know that we're generally working pretty hard, and that it's easiest if the two of us can share a lane, equipment, water bottles, etc.  On a couple of mornings, each lane has been filled with one person.  One woman (who knows my name, I feel bad that I don't know hers) has now twice volunteered herself to go share a lane with the older man (a #3, in fact) who swims in lane one on a daily basis and counts his laps with checkers, just so that Dave and I can share our own lane.  This, in my opinion, goes beyond pool etiquette, and falls into the "just being nice" category.  In the past week, I've also had one man ask me if I wanted to switch lanes with him so that Dave and I could swim side by side to "push each other", and another man tell me that if the situation ever arose that Dave and I were sharing the lane against the wall (it's happened once, and we survived without a problem), to just tell him, so he could switch with us.  Once again, examples of people being considerate and selfless in ways that I'd never expect, but that certainly do not go unnoticed (especially when I've dragged myself out of bed to plunge into cold water at 6 am)!

5. The Allstate mayhem commercial man
This is completely random, and clearly I don't know this guy in real life.  But I love this ad campaign.

That's it for now, just some light Friday night writing for those of us without lives!  I live for this all week, after all :).

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