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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Five sweet things I get to see on my regular run routes

After yesterday's gloom and doom, I decided I needed to post something with a more positive spin, given I've now had a chance to look around and appreciate my surroundings.  I'm lucky enough to live in an area with some great trails and running routes, so I thought I'd share a smattering of what I get to enjoy on a regular basis.  Enjoy!

1. The ponds of Durand
So sometimes, it does smell a bit like sewage treatment plant in this general area.  But it still looks nice.
2. Lake Ontario/Durand Beach, via the Lakeside Trail
This is basically across the street from the ponds.  Even if the water is off-limits thanks to bacteria half the time, again, it's still nice to look at.
3. Ducks.  I really enjoy ducks, and there's plenty of water around me for them to hang out in.  Hopefully, they'll produce more baby ducks this year.  Those are even better.
I like them.  Don't judge.
4. The Seneca Park Zoo elephants.  One of the trails in Seneca Park takes you directly behind the elephant exhibit.  It's a little bit of free zoo!
I make it a point to say hi to these guys (gals?) as I run past.  It's sort of a superstition to include this route at some point the week before big races-after all, elephants are considered lucky!
5. The boardwalk of Turning Point Park.  Although the actual boardwalk part only lasts a few minutes, it's the highlight of my favorite long run route.  Thanks for putting this in, Rochester!

As an added bonus, it's rare I don't see a bunch of cool dogs being walked by friendly people, swans, or other waterfowl (refer to the ducks above) on this route.

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