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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updates and announcements!

   Well, with my marathon over, work picking up, and the holidays upon us, I haven't posted in a bit.  Plus, I actually had a few things in the works to announce, I had just been waiting for the official word in a couple areas.  Being the borderline superstitious, "it's not over till it's over" kind of person that I am, I had tried to keep quiet except for a few people until all was in place.  Before I ramble on about myself, though, a few public (or semi-public, I suppose) congrats are in order- first, to my lifetime bff Emma, who is now engaged to her long-time now fiance Alex-truly one of the best-matched couples I've ever seen!  Also, to my Vegas roomie Alyssa, who qualified for Kona at Ironman Arizona (securing the spot in the last half a mile of the marathon, nonetheless!), and to our Musselman roomie Tyler, who completed his first Ironman down in Cozumel, dealing with humidity, rain, and winds to get there.  I'm proud to say that they both once slept in a bed (or, in Tyler's case, on a situp mat on a tile dorm room floor) a few feet away from me, after listening to my normal pre-70.3 day before the race unnecessary nerves and negativity crap :).

  Anyways, onto what's new in my life.  It's now out in the open that I did apply for the elite triathlon license that I qualified for in Vegas.  Crap.  The decision was a scary one, and I did have some guidance along the way.  To be honest, the first time someone used the phrase "pro potential" to my face, I was obviously flattered, but in a "cute joke" sort of way.  I remember watching the pros start at Mooseman, and thinking that they were some sort of mythical triathlon beings, the likes of which I could only aspire to for a bit.  As the year progressed, though, I started to have a little hope that it might happen, someday.  I reviewed the new elite license qualification criteria, and figured that I could go after a couple of them in 2012, provided the criteria didn't change, with the eventual goal of reaching the pro ranks by 2013 or 2014 (getting there before having to deal with the ultra-competitive 30-34 age group women sounded appealing, at least!)  Then, Vegas happened, and to my astonishment, I had somehow found myself in the top 3 amateurs in a race offering over $20k elite prize money-aka, according to USAT, an "elite qualifying race".  Huh?  I still can't figure out how I'd managed that one, but the fact of the matter was that I was suddenly faced with a decision I hadn't yet prepared myself to make- was I ready?  Was there enough hope to improve my swim?  How did this even happen, was that race some sort of weird fluke?  Did I want to sacrifice my Kona hopes in Placid for my dream of the pro ranks?  Wouldn't it be awesome, though, to not have to deal with a mass start in my first Ironman?  Would it be a horrible idea to attempt the distance for the first time as a pro?  After all, more people would notice if it doesn't go so well.  Do I really, actually belong at the start line with the women I've been admiring for  the past couple of years?  I decided to hold on the decision until after the NY marathon- if I totally sucked out there, I figured, I'd have no business thinking I belonged.  Well, NYC happened, and I think I was actually most happy about the fact that, although I hadn't lowered my marathon pr or anything along those lines, I'd at least performed respectably enough, in my mind, to think I had some business applying for the elite license.  In an uncharacteristic moment of counting my eggs before they'd hatched, I had actually printed out the application prior the the marathon, but it sat on our kitchen table until a few phone calls and emails told me what I'd been secretly craving to hear- that I should bite the bullet, take the chance, and mail it in.

  So in it went, and, finally, long story short, I got email confirmation a few days ago that "my status had been updated".  For better or worse, then, here I go.  But, I'll have some guidance along the way- announcement #2 (also semi-disclosed by now) is that I'll be competing with QT2 Systems, guided by some top-notch coaches (who have yet to run scared from this type-A, anal retentive, overthinker of an athlete who has never been good at being reigned in!), with a wealth of support for the challenges I have yet to face.  I also was offered my first sponsorship- with Woolsports, the company that was the presenting sponsor at Musselman this year, whose shirts and socks I've been loving ever since.  Overall, all exciting stuff to me, even though the past month has been a bit overwhelming in terms of logistics (hence the total lack of blog posting), with getting used to QT2 training, relearning how to swim (more on that at a later time; preview is -16 seconds over 800 yards on 1/2-2/3 previous swim volume, I can get used to this), and trying to grow myself professionally as a PT (again, more on this later!) stealing away my time bit by bit (as evidenced by what Dave's currently finding in the other room, as he cleans out our fridge).  But, for now, I'll be taking things one at a time, enjoying the holidays, and preparing myself for what the new year may bring!
It's pretty...
We also raked a bunch...

...and I hung lights.  Jennie hearts Christmas.


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  1. Yayy jennie! So excited for you - I have been waiting for this news!!!

    I will be spending most of my racing time in 2012 at Rev3 should def consider them as they have some great pro prize-purses! Let me know if you need any info on them :)