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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mixing it up!

After a very long work week, during which I struggled a bit to recover from Saturday's 22 miler, I took on a shorter, more painful conquest this weekend: the 5k.  I have, of course, raced the distance probably hundreds of times since I was 12, but, somehow, I'd gone since May since taking one on.  All I could remember about that particular race was feeling like I was in a dead sprint the entire time, and wanting to keel over.  This was quite a contrast to when I had originally moved up in distance in college and had started running 5ks in track; I remember enjoying how nice and relaxed the first part of the race always felt.  So, deep in the throes of marathon training, with very minimal speed work under my belt, I was mentally prepared to hurt throughout the entire course of the Safe Journey Scarecrow 5k.  I figured it'd be good for me, though.

The race course was more or less pancake flat and fast, so I was hoping sneak under 18:30, but any prediction was a crapshoot.  Mostly, I needed some points for the Rochester Runner of the Year series; so far, I'd had two decent finishes and two disasters in the series races.  Two of the local studdettes, Karen Blodgett and Trisha Byler were both there (and in great shape), so I figured I'd race for third, and that I'd be doing pretty well if I could still see them.  As predicted, as soon as the race started, I felt like I was full-out sprinting.  I knew it'd be suicide to try to hang with Karen and Trisha, so I moved myself into third early on and just tried to continue to move forward and breathe.  At two miles,  despite my oxygen deprived mind, I was still able to figure that I going to be right around the elusive 18 minute mark, but my mind was truly at the will of my body at that point.  I pushed, but my body just wasn't used to moving at that pace, and I slowed a bit towards the end, giving me a final time of 18:03, good for third place.  Still, I was pretty pumped about that- my fastest time in 3.5 years, second fastest ever, and much faster than I thought I was in shape for, given my lack of preparation for the distance, so I can't complain.  The 17's continue to elude me, so the doubt that sub-18 will be a one hit wonder for me is still there.  I'd be happy with sneaking under there just one more time!  On another note, Dave pr'ed by over a minute, running 18:50.  Given it took me over seven years of running to break the 19 minute barrier, I'm going to have to watch my back!

Anyways, marathon training continues to stretch on, and an increased load at work is continuing to steal some of my energy away.  Another ten days or so of hard training sit in front of me at this point, so I'll be doing my best to make it through those to get to my taper healthy, not too cranky, and ready to hit the line in NYC!


  1. Hi Jennie! just wanted to say that I totally shared the same experiences at the McQuaid Invite! Rochester is a 3 hr drive from where I went to HS in Pennsylvania, but we made the overnight trip every year (which was a highlight in itself) and I had the best race of my XC career there in 2000 where I got one of those tri colored ribbons!!!! I am nowhere near as fast of a runner as you are, and I am still proud of that ribbon to this day. :) What's even funnier is that I am still good friends with my HS XC coach and he is registered for IMLP next year, so now I am the one giving HIM advice!

  2. Alexa-That's awesome that you remember those ribbons too! I think I still have mine somewhere. I also think I have a couple of massively oversized t-shirts somewhere. I love that you're now coaching your coach, sometimes life comes full circle!