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Saturday, January 8, 2011

So I did intend to write in this now and then...

...then life got in the way.  But anyways, marathon #1 came and went, it didn't go exactly how I had hoped, but it wasn't a total disaster in 3:10:4x.  From it, I learned that 23 mile runs two weeks out aren't the greatest idea for my quads.  So, with lesson learned, I'll be taking on (assuming travel plans go as intended) the Tallahassee Marathon on 2/6.  This all meant that today turned into the day for my longest planned run prior to the marathon;  maybe I should be planning on doing more than one 20+ miler going into this, but I'm not.  We'll see what happens.  This is also precisely why I'm posting today: because after that run, I don't feel like doing anything else that involves standing right now, and anything else that involves sitting sounds boring.

With that, I decided that I wanted to run around Irondequoit Bay.  It's a seasonal thing to do, as the outlet bridge connecting Irondequoit and Webster at the north end of the bay is only down during the winter.  My work commute actually encompasses a bit of this route, which was a bit of a downer, but at least I was familiar with what I was getting myself into beforehand.  Googlemaps pedometer told me that looping around the bay from my house was about 18mi, so I figured I'd add in a few miles before setting out around it to get somewhere in the 20-22mi range.  This ended up being a good thing-the dog is highly attuned to when I'm getting ready to run, and was going nuts with excitement as I was getting ready to leave this morning.  She can't make it 20+ miles, but at least I was able to take her out for a few, in order to avoid breaking her running-crazed little heart (wouldn't it be great to be that enthusiastic about running?)

Anyways, the rest of the run went surprisingly well.  The first hour felt like nothing (it did include a pee break, poorly concealed behind some twigs next to the bay-luckily no cars passed to witness my indecent exposure).  I was wearing Dave's new Garmin.  I'd always kind of had mixed feelings about whether I should run with something that gives me live-time data about how fast I'm going, but I was kind of interested in exact overall distance, mile splits, etc  I still spent most of the run trying to ignore it to avoid killing myself early on.  Things did start to suck a little during my seemingly neverending trek down Bay Rd, and then again while heading back up Culver, and of course during the last couple of miles (I guess this would encompass the entire final 8 miles of the run or so).  But, I finished out with my last 2 miles as my fastest, and sub-7 pace overall for 21 miles (with three fairly significant hills in there), so I'm feeling better about things now.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up now, as dinner is in the works, which always trumps anything else that may be happening.  I did at least manage to do some vacuuming, laundry, ironing, and cleaning of kitchen appliances today; I always feel better about things when I'm not a complete invalid after long bouts of exercise.  Some wine also might help the legs feel better-we'll see :).